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We have a class for everyone!



Our signature class! Powerful vinyasa-inspired sequencing designed to invigorate and cleanse the mind and body, accompanied by upbeat music. This all levels class is designed to be challenging for both beginners and seasoned yogis by offering modifications to move deeper or ease up on the postures and sequencing given. New yogis are encouraged to take our basics class (POE Earth) before jumping into this one!


POE Punch

POE Punch consists of guided heavy bag work and kickboxing paired with high energy music, body weight exercises, and boxing combinations. This class targets the whole body which aims to improve strength, aerobic fitness, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance. GLOVES REQUIRED. All levels welcome.



POE Firebeat is a 50 minute full body sculpting and movement class, all done in an 95 degree infrared heated room. This full body workout is a non-impact yet fast paced class that moves to the beat of the music. Your body will go through muscular isolations that tone, tighten, and lengthen your overall physique. Each class offers hot playlists that will allow you to really move your body, mind,and soul.

This rhythm based class is designed to connect the movement of the body to the beat. Firebeat will create intense muscular fatigue that is also complimented by extensions of the body. This toning workout is achieved through specific arm, thigh, glute and core work while incorporating hand weights, ankle weights and resistance bands. Get ready to sweat!


Fire Barre Fusion

Fire Barre Fusion is a unique class exclusive to Poe. The first 45 minutes are Fire Barre, a ground-breaking approach to the traditional barre class, Created by two leading fitness and barre innovators. Fire Barre combines elements of precise dance technique and strength training to create a lean, sculpted physique. Fire Barre incorporates no impact, high energy choreography, and maintains an interval cardio balance.

The next 30 minutes of class is a powerful vinyasa sequence that will increase flexibility and invigorate the mind and body. Music hot off the charts sets the tone for this fun exciting class, with the room is heated with Far infrared heat.

Gravity/Hot 26

Poe Hot 26 is a sequence of 26 postures . Each posture is held twice for specific amount of time and taught in a deliberate order. The specific sequence systematically moves fresh, oxygenated blood to one hundred percent of your body, to each organ and fiber, restoring all systems to healthy working order, just as nature intended.

We have hired the most extensively trained and experienced teachers in the area to deliver the ultimate experience to our Poe Clientele. Poe Hot 26 is the perfect class for both beginners and the most seasoned yogi.


POE's signature evening vinyasa flow. This class consists of slower, deeper sequencing, but still holds the elements of our challenging signature style. Prepare to work deep into hips and back bends. POE Moon/Yin is designed for opening up the body after a long day at work, offering a firm balance of both strength and flexibility.



Our signature basics class is the perfect place to start. This slower paced class will give you the chance to learn the key elements of the practice, and focus on foundational postures that are commonly used in most classes. This class is also great for seasoned practitioners who would like to brush up on the basics!


Sculpt your body with elements of yoga and weight training in this all levels class. The sequencing in POE Fire is designed to build lean muscle and help improve your regular yoga practice. This class is also great for new yogis who would like something extra to help them become stronger!



Our signature style of yoga for athletes. Get ready to sweat, stretch, have fun and much more in this all levels class! Explore different asanas that enhance athletic performance and increase focus, flexibility, balance, and most importantly help prevent injuries. This class is complimented with a short meditation to reduce stress and leave you feeling ready to take on your next athletic challenge!



  • Learn to fly on your mat in POE Air! This all levels class consists of sequencing designed to prep the body for being upside down. Basic inversions like headstand, handstand, and forearm stand will also be broken down, and you will have the tools to practice them at home!
  • Prepare for lots of core work!

POE is the premier hot yoga, barre and boxing studio in NY and NJ. Join our POE community today and enjoy the finest total fitness experience the metropolitan area has to offer!

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