Our Heat

POE's Far Infrared Radiant Heat System works with the laws of physics, not against them. The science behind this unique heating system is the same as the science behind how the sun heats the earth. Far Infrared radiant heat warms objects in its path, which then re-radiate the warmth to other objects and into the air. A standard convective heating system heats a space by blowing warm air. Far Infrared radiant heat warms objects, not air, so there are no noisy blowers and no stratification of hot or cold air pockets. Our Far Infrared system maintains a dry, mold free environment with no drafts and no distribution of bacteria, allergens, or other contaminants, letting practitioners enjoy delicious and healing warmth while the studio maintains a silent, tranquil, healthful environment. To learn download the PDF below,

POE is the premier hot yoga, barre and boxing studio in NY and NJ. Join our POE community today and enjoy the finest total fitness experience the metropolitan area has to offer!

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