Our Mission

Our mission is focused around Peace, Harmony, Commitment, and Community. Everyday we work to achieve these things in our classes and our gorgeous studio complete with naturally lit rooms, showers, lockers, and amazing classes. All of our yoga classes are vinyasa flow based and all are heated. We welcome all levels and encourage you to try all of our classes: Sun, Moon, Gravity/Hot 26, and Earth. We also offer heated FireBarre and non heated POE Punch/Boxing classes, and variety of fusion classes. Each of our classes are designed to tackle your fitness and flow practice. To learn more about each type of class visit Our Classes page

  • POE has a diverse staff of formally trained, compassionate , and experienced instructors; each of whom bring various styles of yoga, barre and boxing to all of our POE Studios.

    Our POE Tribe of instructors are a community of helpful, encouraging individuals each with his or her own technique and creativity that will help you achieve the fitness success that your are striving for. POE welcomes you into our pristine, fun and peaceful yoga, barre and boxing community. Join us for a class today!

POE is the premier hot yoga, barre and boxing studio in NY and NJ. Join our POE community today and enjoy the finest total fitness experience the metropolitan area has to offer!

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