Peace on earth

POE was founded around our vision of peace, harmony, commitment, and community. Our studio grew from the desire to create an environment for yoga practice that was specifically designed to facilitate this mission:


by offering a sanctuary for you to connect with yourself and your quiet, internal power. Our name also reflects this value: Peace On Earth.


  • By heightening the experience with the highest quality and healthiest accoutrements available, including an oxygen-purification system, Far Infrared radiant heat, reverse osmosis water purification, and fresh juices.


by assuring that POE is a place where you are encouraged to take time for yourself, time to give your body, mind, and soul an intense, energizing workout as well as to connect with yourself and others, enabling you to encounter the world with peace, harmony and compassion.


by bringing in a staff of diverse, formally trained, compassionate, and experienced instructors from various styles of yoga, each with his or her own unique approach, technique, and creativity.

POE is the premier hot yoga, barre and boxing studio in NY and NJ. Join our POE community today and enjoy the finest total fitness experience the metropolitan area has to offer!

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