Studio Etiquette

POE values each and every one of our clients and we greatly appreciate your patronage. We do our best to provide you top of the line classes in a clean safe environment with some of the best instructors in the metropolitan area. The studio temperature is set to 95 degrees for our POE FireBeat and POE Warm Power Yoga Classes, and 104 degrees for POE Hot Power Yoga Classes. It is the responsibility of the Studio Manager to air out the yoga room after each class. Please note that only POE staff is allowed to adjust heat, humidity, windows and fans. Should anyone have an issue with the temperature please see the manager so she can rectify the situation as quickly possible.

  • Please do not bring cell phones in our yoga, FireBeat, or boxing studios. Our front desk is more than happy to assist you in cases where you may be waiting for an important call.
  • Please try to enter our classes at least 10 mins before class begins. We request our clients to be as quiet as possible as they set up for their practice. Our instructors will be in the room to assist or answer any questions you may have.
  • We truly want the time you spend at POE to be a wonderful experience both physically and mentally. We are dedicated to assure that happens.